Management Accounts & Consultancy

Be it monthly or quarterly, our consultancy service starts from a common template then is developed to adapt to your requirements.

Click image to view a sample few pages from a typical set of management accounts

The management accounts start with the 3 fundamental reports of any set of accounts, the trading account, the profit and loss account and the balance sheet. Our consultants will then interrogate these figures to give you more meaning behind the bottom line and a better insight into how your business is progressing.

A typical set of management accounts will include:-

Profit and Loss Account

An overall picture of the profitability of the business this month/quarter and for the year to date

Balance Sheet

A snap shot of the business at the end of the month/quarter showing the business’s assets and liabilities

Shop Trading Analysis

A breakdown of the gross profit made by the shop, including full gross profit margin analysis by shop heading.

Fuel Trading Analysis

A breakdown of the wet stock gross profit detailing pence per litre profits obtained on each grade and highlighting any fuel variances.

Additional pages might include Cash Flow Statements and Key Performance Indicators plus graphs and charts to help visualise key trends and movements.

Our consultants can even adapt the reports to include information for a third party such as your bank. Put simply, the services and reports we provide are built around you.

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