Why stop at accounts. Managing the payroll correctly is a fundamental concern of many business owners and with our help you can be sure it’s all being taken care of, correctly.

We offer two distinct payroll services:

  1. A payroll bureau service where we can take care of the weekly/monthly payroll for both staff and directors
  2. A payroll training service where we can recommend to you some payroll software and train you in its use so that you can maintain your own payroll scheme.

Payroll Bureau Service

After fully discussing your requirements with you and how the service will work, and of course agreeing a fee, our bureau service would then be able to start preparing your weekly/monthly pay runs. Each week you would provide us with your staff’s hours and within a day you would be sent a payslip for each member of staff ready for your to hand out.

As with everything we do, this service is built around what you want. Do you want payslips sending in the post or by email? Would you like to phone through the hours or email them? What format of payslip do you want? Everybody is different so we discuss this with you up front and agree our service provision before we start any work.

Our bureau service is very cost efficient so please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.

Payroll Training Service

If you would prefer to handle your own payroll scheme but would like a little help in getting things started, just give us a call. We can recommend some easy to use software and can train you in how to use it.

What’s more we can provide additional help sessions as required, so if you are happy preparing the day to day payroll but would like help with the year end submissions that’s fine, just get in touch.

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