Installing Sage Accounts and Linking it to Your EPOS System

Your till and back office system can only go so far when it comes to showing you how much profit you are making. To get the full picture and to see how the sales figures and product margins tie in to how much cash you have in the bank you need some accounts software.

Due to its widespread usage amongst businesses throughout the UK, which in turn means there is widespread knowledge of how to use it amongst business owners and bookeepers, we currently recommend Sage 50 Accounts as the accounts software.

Further to this, many EPOS companies have already developed their back office software to be able to export data to Sage.

As mentioned above, the leading EPOS companies in the UK have already developed their software to be able to export data to a file that can be recognised by Sage 50 Accounts.

RCS have a good working relationship with many of these companies and as such are approved by them to configure their software ready for exporting data to Sage.

Our installation service would typically have the following timetable:

This install service is fully adaptable to your requirements which can be discussed in our initial consultation. From our experience the installation structure shown above is what has proven to work best in a typical environment, there are no cut corners and you should be confident enough to use the system successfully once we have left. If you need more training or have multiple sites where a different configuration might be required, we can adapt the service to suit.

If you don’t already have the Sage Accounts software we can supply this.

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