EPOS and Sage Training and Assistance

Chances are you’ve got a lot of money invested in your back office systems but are you getting the best from them?

Our consultants work with some of the leading EPOS companies and are around their software almost every day, this combined with our experience as specialist forecourt and convenience accountants puts us in a very good position to help you get the best from your software.

We don’t like to think of ourselves as “typical” accountants or software trainers, more approachable individuals who happen to be good at what we do. Like every service we offer our training is built around you and your staff. We don’t provide a classroom facility, all our training is provided at your premises using your systems and your data.

Whatever your training requirements, our consultants will always do their best to help in a friendly and patient manner. We don’t assume any previous level of expertise without being told, so if you are only just coming to grips with what a mouse is, don’t worry - we’ll start at the beginning!

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If you ever think “there must be so much more to this software than what I’m currently using, I’d love to be able to use it better and get my money’s worth out of it” then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What Can RCS Do To Help Get The Most From Your Systems?

New Starter - New member of staff? Do you want to get them started on the right foot?

Refresher - Have you got a bit out of touch with your software? Use our refresher service to bring yourself (or your staff) back to full speed.

Bookkeeping & Accounts - From the principles of double-entry bookkeeping to how to use Sage, our consultants can help you to use your bookkeeping software more efficiently.

...and almost anything in between!

*  Whilst our consultants are experienced in most of the leading convenience/forecourt EPOS systems in the UK it     would not be possible for us to have sufficient knowledge to offer training in all the available EPOS systems. If you     are interested in our training services please contact us using the link above and let us know the EPOS/Till system     you are using together with the accounts software you have, if applicable.